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Beside your home, your car is generally your second largest asset, so your choice of motor insurance should be well considered. Motor insurance is more than just a legal requirement, it is an opportunity to gain protection against considerable financial loss.

Motor insurance is not straight forward. There are differing levels of cover to consider, such as Third Party Only, Third Party Fire and Theft or Fully Comprehensive. Different policies from the many motor insurance providers offer a variety of additional protection options. It can be difficult to determine the right motor insurance for you, so you'll be pleased to know Haden Welbeck's team of experienced motor insurance advisors know how to find a great motor insurance deal for you and are available to offer intelligent, impartial advice, whenever you need it.

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A brief explanation of Motor insurance cover options :

Third Party Only - Providing the minimum insurance cover required by law, Third Party Only covers your liability for the death or bodily injury to a third party (including other occupants of your vehicle) and your liability for damage to third party property. It does not cover you or your own vehicle.

Third Party, Fire and Theft - As with Third Party Only, but also covers your vehicle for fire damage and loss due to theft of your vehicle, insurance policy terms will apply. The amount of cover provided for the contents of your vehicle, including audio equipment, is especially likely to vary by policy.

Fully Comprehensive - This provides the full Third Party Fire and Theft cover as described above, in addition to loss of or damage to your own vehicle. Comprehensive motor insurance will usually cover you for some personal accident benefit in respect of injury to you or for your death, but this will vary across the many different policies. The amount of cover provided for the contents of your vehicle, including audio equipment, is especially likely to vary by policy.

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